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Your climate-neutral cardboard baby album.

We all love cardboard books. They are robust and accompany us for a lifetime. Your pappzarapp book will be handmade for you in Germany according to strict criteria, sustainably and free of harmful substances.

  • Climate Neutral Production

    Our digital printing partner Dürmeyer in Hamburg produces the pappzarapp printing sheets, which are then bound by hand by SachsenDruck in Plauen to form a real cardboard book. Dürmeyer is not only an FSC®-certified company, but also an environmental partner of the city of Hamburg.

    Dürmeyer achieves climate-neutral production, which is a matter of course for us, through efficient energy and paper waste management as well as the compensation of unavoidable CO2 residual quantities via ClimatePartner.

  • Pollutant-free product

    A special machine was purchased especially for pappzarapp production, which seals the book pages with a matt protective varnish. This sealant is certified according to the DIN EN 71 toy standard. In technical jargon, this is somewhat misleadingly called "sweat-, bite- and saliva-proof". This means that the books are safe for your child. As paper products, however, they are not resistant to moisture – pappzarapp books are rather read than eaten ;-)

    A testing laboratory in Hamburg, approved by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH, has analysed our pappzarapp book and confirmed that the product meets the requirements of the toy standard. You can view the test report here:

  • Sustainable material

    The Finnish paper factory Pankaboard produces the "Pankabrite" cardboard we use from fresh fibres made from renewable raw materials. Pankabrite is FSC®-certified and OBA-free, i.e. free of optical brighteners.

    The raw materials are sourced locally from responsible forestry, only 50 kilometres from the factory. Pankaboard produces its energy from renewable biomass in its own biofuel steam plant. Most of the solid waste is reused or recycled. Even the fibres in the pappzarapp cardboard can still be recycled seven to eight times.

  • Emission-free technology

    In the small pappzarapp office and also in our home office we naturally work with 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources.

    It is important to us that the same is true along the technical process chain. That is why we have carefully selected our partners. Our cloud computing services Azure and aws as well as our server operator IONOS are also committed to climate neutrality and report in detail on this - as do Apple or Google, depending on which device you use. You can access and view the respective climate reports and targets via the links.

    So ordering one of our products does not cause any emissions even in the data centres. Check!

  • CO2-neutral shipping

    It is important for us that not only the production of the pappzarapp books, but also the entire shipping logistics are climate-neutral. For example, following production at Dürmeyer, we use existing transport routes to SachsenDruck, where the final production of the paperback book is done by hand. A lot of printed matter is sent back and forth between Dürmeyer and SachsenDruck anyway, so your pappzarapp book "hitchhikes" this way. And if we produce a lot of books and have to transport them separately, we book a UPS transporter with CO2 compensation.

    From Plauen, we send all pappzarapp products via DHL GOGREEN climate-neutrally to the recipient after a thorough quality check.

  • For our children

    Everything we do is put to the test: Can we be responsible for our actions towards future generations? The prospects for our planet are so bleak that everyone should ask themselves the same question. Unfortunately, the photo book market is not yet truly climate-friendly - and we cannot understand why. The durability of most photo products is very questionable.

    We are glad that as pappzarapp we can look forward to the future with a clear conscience - but we don't stop there. We call on all suppliers, service providers and partners to make their contribution as well. So that our little ones will still be able to enjoy their pappzarapp books in a few years' time. They are durable enough!

We say THANK YOU for your interest!

Alessa und Daniel
founder of pappzarapp

... here in the picture with their sons at their favourite activity: 'reading' books.

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